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Hand Saws

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There are many different types of Mossy Oak hand saws in their crosscut saw line, two of which are a 12” hacksaw and a 13.5” handsaw; both which feature the widely popular Mossy Oak camouflage finish along with a highly visible red finish. If you want a low price tag that will fit into any budget without having to sacrifice quality, Mossy Oak hand saws are a great option for you.


The Mossy Oak hacksaw is a great addition to any tool box and offers exceptional cutting ability for a variety of projects and tasks. This awesome Mossy Oak hacksaw is lightweight and easy to use, featuring an ergonomic grip. Best yet, it offers a two position durable steel blade. If you want an all-purpose saw, then the Mossy Oak hand saw is for you. This great saw offers a strong durable fire hardened blade measuring 3.5” with an overall saw length of 18”. Mossy Oak hand saws combine style, value, and quality in one.